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A Letter to my Children (and Grandchildren)

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Dear child,

First of all, I want to let you know that I love you so much, more than you can ever imagine, and I would do anything in my power to make you happy. Except for one thing. Change.

I’m sorry to find out that you are going through a rough patch in your life right now. I know that you have a hard time finding clean water for you and your own children to shower, clean, and sometimes even to drink. I am sorry that you are not able to get healthy food because the land that we had to grow fruit and vegetables is not longer fertile. I’m also sorry that you have a hard time finding a nice place for your family  to live in; I know that where you live now you can’t play sports or go for a ride because the air you breathe is so polluted that it is no longer safe for you to do activities outdoors.  

I know it doesn’t seem fair that you no longer get to enjoy all of the great things I had the chance to experience when I was your age. You can no longer dive into the clean sea waters, hike around beautiful forests, and you don’t have the pleasure of living in a world where wonderful creatures like elephants and dolphins exist (I can show you some pictures if you’d like). I am sincerely sorry that all of this is happening to you, but as I said before, I have decided that I am not going to change my habits, so there is really nothing more I can do.

I realize that it is hard for you to understand, but let me explain my reasons. I need my 15-minute showers because I am tired from work and I need to relax. I can’t recycle or compost because it takes a lot of my time during the day, and sometimes, I have to throw my trash into the ocean because, well, there are no trash cans around. I can’t buy organic or local products because they are usually more expensive or are not available and finding alternatives is just time-consuming. As you know, I can’t live without my cheeseburgers every Sunday and frankly, I don’t  want to take time that I could easily use to watch Netflix, on researching a bit about the products that I consume. I also need to buy new pairs of shoes constantly and a lot of clothes on sale because I need to have a closet full of them. (I know you haven’t been through this, but if I repeat an outfit more than twice a month, I will most likely get judged at the office).

You also need to know... I sometimes buy more food than I really need, because what if I get the munchies, or I have visits, or I run out mid-week and have to go to the market again. But I generally throw out a lot of it because what else could I ever do with the leftovers?  Whatever I save from my income, I need to spend it on an iPhone, iPad, and mini iPad (because cool, right?), before investing it on supporting people and organizations that are working to preserve the planet you will live in.

Honestly, I don’t have any time for volunteering in reforestation or other environmental projects, it’s just too much work and zero reward. I need to take my car to get to places that are 4 blocks away from my house because it’s faster and time is money! So I’m sorry again, but a bike or walking are not an option, and don’t even tell me about carpooling or public transportation, that’s out of the question. I can’t change my habits because I like convenience and I value this lifestyle too much to change it for you.

I sincerely apologize for the inconveniences that I am making you go through. I hope you understand that I can’t compromise my comfort to help you and I really wish that you can find a way to make your life better.

I love you with all my heart.

Always yours,


I don’t know about you, but I have no intention of signing this letter. And though I am faulty for some of these actions and know some habits are harder to change than others, today I want to commit to do something to improve. If you don’t want to sign this either, I invite you to read the following things you can do to avoid having to give this letter to your children in the future.


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