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#SavvySpotlight - The School of Games

SoG4.pngWe just found an incredible app that will make you want to go back to school! Yes, you heard right, the The School of Games is an app specifically designed to improve education by allowing kids to learn and have fun through a series of games.

Equally is the company behind the app, The School of Games, which is an innovative learning game that leverages technology to teach children how to read and write. The magic of the app lies in the ability to track the learning patterns of the student, allowing parents and teachers to analyze these patterns and provide a more individualized and effective education for every student.   

You think that is awesome? You haven’t heard this yet! While technology is certainly a great tool to improve the learning process, teachers are still big contributors to successful education. Recently, The School of Games set up a Lean Lab where they test their products and train teachers on how to use the app.


During their pilot program, 500 children played with the app and within 20 minutes, these kids learned up to 15 new words! Incredible!

SoG3.jpgSource: The School of Games


"As the smart devices become more common and affordable for the low income families, a child who doesn’t have access to pre-school education can play the game and gain skills required at that age.”
—Anshul Dhawan (Co-Founder, The School of Games)

Source: The School of Games blog

SoG2.jpgSource: The School of Games

Imagine the impact that this model will have on education in the years to come! Seriously, mind-blown!

You can learn more about The School of Games on their website or watch co-founder Arjita Sethi in her awesome TedTalk below as she shares her vision to alleviate illiteracy through The School of Games. And if you are ready to give it a try, download The School of Games now available in beta for iOS and Android.


Access to the right resources can make a real difference in our society, especially in the lives of our children. The fact that The School of Games is creating an opportunity for children to learn has taught us that education does not have to be expensive. And that type of access, fellow Savvians, is truly priceless.


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