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#SavvySpotlight - Someone Somewhere


Someone Somewhere, made that super hip tee you just got complimented on by the cool barista at your local cafe. You then proceed to chat them up about how that cool tee helps empower Mexican artisans...fast forward, you are now the coolest person in the cafe. 

Sometimes you need to showcase your love for fashion and social good. Someone Somewhere let's you do just that! What is it? 

An outdoor lifestyle brand that connects adventurers around the World with the 7 million Mexican artisans living in poverty conditions.


They have already received some serious accolades from large media outlets (like Entrepreneur and Elle Magazine to name-drop a few). This along with the fact we are seriously in love with their designs and cannot wait to wear them at our next coffee meeting in laid-back SF, is why we are crowning them this week's #SavvySpotlight!

Let's face it we all want to be as stylish as possible, and finding a brand that also has a social impact that is unique and authentic, we are all for it! Just check out some of there designs below: 


So next time you are ready to update that wardrobe so that it really resonates with your unique personality and passion for social impact, just remember Someone Somewhere made it and your purchase made their life better and you more cool because of it. 

Sincerely Your Fashion Obsessed, 

-Savvy Squad 

PS If you have a favorite social enterprise that you want highlighted, drop us a message! We want to showcase their Savvy to the world! 

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