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#SavvySpotlight - Indosole


(Smile! - Kyle Parsons and team at Urban Air Market SF)

Changing the world one SOLE at a time. 

What do chill vibes and a passion to change the world through awesome products look like? One word. Indosole! 

We had the pleasure to meet Kyle Parsons, the Founder and President of Indosole, this month and serendipitously bumped into him and his team at the Urban Air Market in SF! (We just followed the coconuts!) 

The problem they are tackling focuses on significantly reducing tire waste in the world. How? They got crafty and are re purposing these "indestructible tires into the soles of the most durable footwear around." And might we add not just durable but also EXTREMELY stylish. Just take a peek at their production process in this handy video that will simultaneously make you jealous you are not cruising the shores of Bali below: 

Indosole Production Process from indosole on Vimeo.

And our most favorite part? They highlight GOOD HUMANS (we know a couple of those), creating an awesome community around their products.

Sustainability, Society, and Style?! That's why they're this week's #SavvySpotlight and heck yes we are rocking a pair on the beach or in the office soon!

You can also treat you soul to some good soles here. 

Sincerely Sole'd, 

-Savvy Squad 

PS If you have a favorite social enterprise that you want highlighted, drop us a message! We want to showcase their Savvy to the world! 

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