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#SavvySpotlight - Everlane

Our Savvy Spotlight feature for today is no other than my favorite fashion brand: Everlane.

With Everlane, you can be fashionable without breaking the bank. The clothing company that started back in 2011 in the heart of San Francisco is guaranteed to get you a double take. It’s true! I’ve always received compliments whenever I wear Everlane, which is why it has been my uniform for a while now. And while it’s is my go-to for everything chic and fashionable, Everlane is more than just a clothing brand.

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Source: Everlane

The birth of Everlane started when its founder, Michael Preysman, mentioned how he saw an opportunity after discovering how much quality branded tees sold for $50 actually costs: a mere $8! Shocking, right? So he came up with an idea to do things differently this time, and it’s something that would lead to Everlane’s rapid success.

Radical Transparency. We are featuring Everlane because of its best practices. The company is well-known for providing a breakdown of all its product costs such as materials, labor, and transportation among others, even including its gross profit. So every time you shop their products, you’ll know exactly where your money goes.


Source: Everlane


Another reason that makes Everlane stand out is its decision to not participate in any Black Friday sales. For the past two years now, instead of throwing a huge sale like all other brands do, they hold a Black Friday Fund for their employees’ welfare. Last year, their initiative was to donate all their profits to create a wellness program for their LA tee factory. This was so successful that they were able to raise $110,650 exceeding their goal of $100,000. For more information about their Black Friday Fund, click here.

I personally believe it is refreshing that companies like Everlane exist. The way they care for their customers and employees, instead of simply focusing on profit, is so admirable! It wouldn’t surprise me if more brands follow suit after Everlane.  

You can check out Everlane at their website here.


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