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#SavvySpotlight - Estafeta


You can do good in the world through all sorts of channels. 

Today we #SavvySpotlight an more traditional, Mexican based company, Estafeta! 

Estafeta is a full service logistical shipping company that stresses the importance of corporate social responsibility. 

Shipping and courier services may not be as innovative a concept in social impact, but the importance of effective distribution of products is a huge deal that has a lot of touch points for social impact! 

They focus on a "philosophy of social responsibility to guide our actions in every project we do for the benefit of our stakeholders." How do they do this? By a very nicely organized breakdown of their 4 Pillars of Social Responsibility (see below). 


4 Pillars of Social Responsibility

  1. Quality of life for employees
  2. Community engagement
  3. Company transparency
  4. Sustainability programming

There model is a great one to consider when building out your company's corporate social responsibility. We encourage you to check them out! 

-Savvy Squad 

PS If you have a favorite social enterprise that you want highlighted, drop us a message! We want to showcase their Savvy to the world! 

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