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#SavvySpotlight - Maasai Colour Handbags

Sustainable manufacturing—it’s one of those terms that has become a mainstream in the retail industry. Ever since brands like Toms paved the way for sustainable manufacturing, other companies have started jumping on the bandwagon, which is exactly what we all want for these companies to do! Here is one such company. We want to share the inspirational story about this London-based accessories company, Maasai Colour, and discover how it was started with sustainable manufacturing in mind.


The team together in Nairobi

Maasai Colour’s founder, Pete Hansell, describes his company as “kind of like an African Mulberry—just a bit more fun!” The company produces ladies’ accessories of exceptional quality. All their products are handmade by their small team of tailors in Nairobi located in a workshop that they have rented and have set up from scratch themselves.

The brand’s design blends London elegance with bold African colors to create something absolutely unique. So it was no surprise that its distinctive design was picked up by the British Museum, which has recently started to retail them. Psst...make sure to check it out if you are in London this Summer!

In a world where outsourcing to giant factories in countries like China has become the norm, it is not only a rare discovery, but also a refreshing way to learn that companies like Maasai Colour continue to make an effort to craft such exquisite bags in a sustainable way. Maasai Colour’s efforts has even allowed its team to support their children to be in full-time education.

All the more reason to support this brand while you are sipping a cuppa and nibbling on scones at your favorite tea house in London or anywhere for that matter!  

Feel free to support the launch of their new ranges on Kickstarter here


Head tailor Martin hard at work making one of the Maasai Colour bags

Syanne-2-Poses.pngThe all leather Rafiki tote, which comes with a colourful removable clutch and the stunning Pendeza bag

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