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More than Digital: Savvy Marketing Tips for Your Social Enterprise

Marketing can be scary. Even scarier when you are just launching your company.

You know that investing in marketing is important but it’s easy to get sidetracked building the strategy to properly market yourself.

You’ve spent months crunching the numbers, making deals with suppliers, searching for the most ethically sourced supply chains and you are ready to launch your innovative new company.

Every dollar counts, and ROI is crazy important for both your success and sanity of your stakeholders.

But sometimes unfortunately, you need to hold off on a lot of the activities you would like to do for marketing in the early-stage, courtesy of cash flow concerns or a demand to focus on proving your social impact.

That considered, how will you then reach that coveted purpose-driven customer? One way: Don’t JUST do digital.

We are big ol’ advocates that an investment in social media is super important.  But, there are some other ways to get the word out about your company without having to sell your collectible FRIENDS DVDs (The One With The Memories) to implement savvy marketing tactics and getting a desired ROI on profit and social impact.

"When it comes to marketing, being creative and savvy from the beginning is worthwhile."

#SavvySpotlight - TECHO

Social enterprises come in many forms from traditional non-profits to benefit corporations (like yours truly). So this week we wanted to highlight an innovative non-profit that is changing the face of Latin America.