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A San Francisco Savvy Summer Internship 2016


Source: Google+ Kevin Monseratt

Short, but sweet. My summer internship at Savvy Marketing has finally come to its conclusion, along with grad school, and the feels are very overwhelming with everything happening at once.

My experience with Savvy has been nothing but positive; working with people like Hilda and Diana makes any job so much enjoyable, and with their incredible support and willingness to help me learn, I am able to end this internship on a high note.

I had my last lunch with Hilda and we talked about how the Summer went by. Despite it being so brief, I learned a lot not just about marketing but also about creating social impact, which was once a foreign concept to me.

Savvy Marketing was able to immerse me in everything about that. It’s different, but it’s also very rewarding knowing that work is not just done to make profit, but also to do good.

It is easy to forget when we are swamped with work, but to wake up and be able to remind myself that I am in the journey to make a difference through the work I do makes any job for that matter so purposeful.

This has been one of the most powerful takeaway for me, knowing that I will be applying this in my personal and professional goals.

Thank you Savvy Marketing for letting me play a role in your company!



Eloize Mendoza

Marketing Maven Intern


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